Small business bookkeeping is about keeping financial records organized, up-to-date and compliant with Canada Revenue Agency requirements. But this is just the beginning. By keeping you informed about how your business is performing throughout the year and alerting you to potential problems and opportunities, you’ll be in the best position to make proactive business decisions. Last, but not least, a bookkeeping service should relieve you of the burden of record keeping, allowing you to focus time and energy on your business and your customers. Simply put, the process has to be easy for you.

Benefits of Our Bookkeeping Service
 Simple, efficient, flexible process
 Access to skilled expertise
 Accurate, timely, organized approach
 Eliminates CRA penalties and interest charges
 Improved cash flow and profits
 More time to focus on growing your business
 Reduced stress by saving you time and money.

Why Use Us?

There are a lot of reasons for outsourcing your bookkeeping.  If you’ve done your own bookkeeping in the past, you may decide to focus your time and energy on your business and leave the bookkeeping to a skilled professional.  Most business owners are not accounting or tax experts and their time is best focused on building their businesses and serving their customers.  If your business is incorporated, your bookkeeping and tax filing processes are more complex and are best left to an expert.

You may also find it difficult to keep up with income tax and HST deadlines – incurring late penalties and interest charges.   By ensuring that your tax filings are done on time, we eliminate CRA penalties and interest charges which can have a huge impact on your profits.

Here’s How It Works

How’s this for painless bookkeeping?  Each month or quarter, we’ll provide you with an envelope and checklist that is customized for your business.  As you receive receipts, bank statements and other documents, you simply place them in the envelope.  At the end of the month or quarter, use the checklist to verify that all documents are in the envelope and we’ll pick them up.  Documents are never misplaced and your financial reporting is done promptly and accurately.

Need a Gentle Nudge?

As a business owner, your number one priority is looking after your business and your customers.  Paperwork often takes a back seat to the daily operation of your business – and so it should.

One of my most important roles as a bookkeeper is to remind my clients when deadlines are approaching and performing bookkeeping and tax filings at regular intervals. There’s an art to staying on top of these things while minimizing interference with daily business activities.”